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My 2020 Small Business Saturday GiveBACK

I have a confession.... This is the first year I have ever done anything, and I do mean anything, for Small Business Saturday, or SBS as we small business owners call it.

SBS was created a number of years ago by American Express and takes place every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The purpose of Small Business Saturday is to promote small businesses and bring awareness of how much our small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities. They are places we gather (when we can gather, lol), places run with heart, not their bank account.

Our small businesses have taken a hard hit this year. For most of us, it is a miracle that we are still open. As you know, 2020 has been rough. We've all had to make tons of decisions that were super uncomfortable and hard.

For my first ever jump into Small Business Saturday I chose a select few local businesses to give back to. More specifically, local small businesses that are in the immediate vicinity of my suite at Bungalow Salon Suites, and a couple that are not in the immediate vicinity, but that I frequent - I'll include the list at the end of this post.

I thoroughly researched every business surrounding Bungalow and selected the ones I visited based on how organic of a small business they are. For example, are they 100% self-created, like my business, or are they a franchise? If they are a franchise, where does the franchise land in the world of "Top 500 Franchises"? Are they family owned or investor owned? ...

My intent was to acknowledge them, celebrate them in this struggle, let them know that they are important to our community, and communicate that I, their fellow small business owner, am cheering them on. And... to give them a little gift of some much needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

I prepared several gift bags to deliver to each of the businesses. Each gift bag contained a $25 service gift card and two little Dove chocolates. They had no idea I was coming...

Business by business, with my husband by my side, we approached the door, opened it, stepped inside, and asked for the manager or owner. Then, I explained who I am, where my business is, what I do, and why I was there.

I had no idea the response I would receive... Some business owners were almost in tears! They could not believe that another small business owner was giving back to them, acknowledging them, and actually showing that they are cared for! This struck me as sad and awesome at the same time. Sad because it made me realize that I am not alone in the 'small feeling' of owning a small business. So often on this journey I feel invisible - like the teeniest, tiniest fish swimming in a humongous sea of others, continuously getting bumped aside, overlooked, and passed by. But the awesome side of it were the connections I made. The true, heart-to-heart, we're in this together, I see you and your struggle and I get it connections.

I saw so much in the faces and eyes of the other small business owners... weariness and fear, along with hope and resilience. Feelings I completely identify with.

This experience was incredibly humbling, eye-opening, and unforgettable. I am ashamed that this is the first year I have participated in any manner to Small Business Saturday. Especially since my dad was a small business owner, and I myself have a significant history of being a small business owner. However, I am totally and completely committed to making this an annual tradition.


Following is a list of links to the businesses I visited. Help me carry on the spirit of Small Business Saturday every day by supporting them and every other local small business.

Sadly, two of the businesses I had planned to visit are not on this list because they have closed within the past two weeks. The struggle is very real for us small business owners.

I am incredibly blessed and grateful for each and every one of my guests. Big purchases or small, consistent treatments or infrequent - my business, Skin Care by Thalia, exists because of, and, for you!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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