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Tuel Cleansing Duo, It All Starts Here!

Skin Care by Thalia

The Tuel Cleansing Duo is the backbone of every one of my professional treatments, and every at-home skincare regime that I recommend. It is a two-step process that consists of a plant-based cleansing oil and an herbal toner. Tuel’s innovative, botanically based, two-step deep pore cleansing systems are customized for all skin types and every skin condition: reactive, dry, oily, combo, mature, and acne.

This luxurious cleansing process begins with the cleansing oil. Yes, you read that right… a cleansing OIL. Because no other type of cleanser gets your skin as clean – deep pore clean – as this duo. Before you get all weirded out, give me a minute to explain.

What is the purpose of cleansing your skin? The obvious answer is to get it clean, right? In a nutshell, yes, but let’s dive a little deeper and get a bit more technical…

Sebaceous oil is a very sticky substance that clings to the things we don’t want on our skin. Things like dirt, dead skin cells, environmental pollutants. Therefore, the purpose of cleansing our skin is to dissolve surface sebaceous oil, and remove dead skin cells, dirt, and environmental pollutants that are clung to it, causing congested pores.

Tuel cleansing oils do exactly this – to perfection! They dissolve all the gunk in our pores and on our skin by breaking the keratolytic bond, much like glycolic acid does, except Tuel cleansing oils are not acidic at all!

The second step is the herbal toner. Tuel herbal toners are made of plant sugars. Did you know that sugars are humectants? Yeah, they are! So, adding the herbal toner helps to hydrate the skin. Additionally, the herbal toner makes the cleansing oil water-soluble.

The Tuel cleansing system leaves your skin super hydrated, dissolves the top layer of dead skin, deeply cleans the pores, and leaves it prepared to drink up your serums, moisturizers, and eye treatment more effectively, all while keeping the skin’s pH neutral.

It’s like having an at-home spa experience every night!

The Tuel cleansing system transforms your skin. Truly. It’s AMAZING!

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