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7 Reasons You Should NOT Get My Favorite Facial Treatment.

Have you gotten to experience the amazingness of a microcurrent facial, or are you a newbie to this magical skin care technology?

Microcurrent is an incredible anti-aging treatment. So incredible in fact, that it is often referred to as a "non-surgical facelift"! The benefits of microcurrent don't stop at anti-aging! Microcurrent is also effective in reducing acne, healing rosacea, improving skin texture, lifting jowls, and so much more!

So what exactly is microcurrent? In a very tiny nutshell, microcurrent is a minute form of energy delivered in microamps that mimics the body's biological electrical system to heal itself. Microcurrent uses an alternating current that affects the skin and the facial muscles, providing lifting, tightening, and increased penetration of products. Additionally, microcurrent allows the skin to self-heal by stimulating ATP, lymphatic flow, blood circulation and cellular oxygenation.

As magical as microcurrent is, there are conditions in which microcurrent and its microamps can create adverse effects on your body. And these contraindications are exactly what I will be discussing in this article. Let's dive in!

Electrical Implant Devices - Pacemakers and Cochlear Implants

Because my 7eMyolift device uses an electrical current, and these types of implants rely on their own electrical current to function, microcurrent treatments can interfere with the electrical signal of the implant, causing an adverse effect on the body.

Epilepsy or History of Seizures

Epilepsy can be caused by abnormal electricity flow in neurons and cells of our bodies. An increase in the electrical current in the body created by the application of microcurrent stimulation could jeopardize the safety of any individual who has Epilepsy or has experienced a seizure in the past.

Active Cancer

Cancer affects the cells of the body, and one of the primary benefits and processes of 7E MyoLift True Microcurrent technology is its ability to boost Adenosine Triphosphate (or ATP) energy within the skin cells.

As I always say, I am a safety girl! Even though I am working locally on the face with my microcurrent device, it is always better to take extra precautions by not using microcurrent when cancer is actively present anywhere in the body or on the skin.


Because the body is in a heightened state of sensitivity during pregnancy, it is best to hold off on microcurrent treatments while pregnant as a precautionary measure. However, it is safe to receive a microcurrent facial while you are breastfeeding. I can't think of a better way to show yourself some love after months of being pregnant than with a microcurrent facial!

Heart Conditions

The FDA requires that anyone with a heart condition, consult with, and receive approval from their physician before having a microcurrent treatment.


The FDA requires that anyone with diabetes (type 1 or 2) consult with, and receive approval from their physician before having a microcurrent treatment.

Recent Facial Surgery

Microcurrent is recommended prior to any invasive procedure, such as facial surgery, but is not recommended until you are completely healed from your facial surgery. This is to ensure that the healing process is not disrupted or hindered in any way. Stay in contact with your surgeon and make sure he or she clears you for microcurrent treatment before you schedule a microcurrent treatment. Once you are cleared, we can perform microcurrent treatments gradually in order to avoid irritating the recently injured area(s).


Microcurrent technology is a phenomenal tool with a long list of benefits from anti-aging wrinkle and fine line reduction to lifting and toning of facial muscles. However, safety should always come first.

Two-way, open communication between myself and my guests is pertinent! Additionally, if you feel you fall under a clinical condition or medical condition that may be contraindicated for this treatment, it is best to consult with your primary healthcare provider before we begin.

As your Aesthetician, I have the responsibility to rule out all contraindications of microcurrent prior to scheduling and performing a microcurrent treatment. If you are a new guest, a Comprehensive Consultation is required before scheduling your first microcurrent treatment.

Your Comprehensive Consultation will last about an hour and costs $50, of which $25 is discounted from your first treatment. During your consultation, we will discuss your lifestyle, health history, skincare routine, personal goals, and more. Next, I will perform a thorough skin analysis to assess your skin type and condition. Then, I will present you with your customized treatment plan. Finally, you get to pick and choose which elements of the plan work for you, your budget, your lifestyle and your commitment.

And off we go, together, on your skin transformation journey!


Visit my website to schedule your Comprehensive Consultation; email me at, or, DM me via Instagram or Facebook. I look forward to seeing your beautiful face soon!



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