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Microcurrent vs. Botox

Are you looking for a natural, non-invasive alternative to Botox?

Microcurrent might be your answer!

Botox and microcurrent affect the muscle in opposite ways. Let me briefly explain…

  • Microcurrent: works the muscle by either stretching or contracting it. This increases muscle tone and generates controlled muscular activity.

  • Botox: relaxes the muscle by paralyzing it, therefore making muscle contraction (the action that creates fine lines and wrinkles) impossible for a length of time.

The muscles in your face respond to lack of activity the same way the muscles in your body do. It will take some time, but, your facial muscles will reactivate and rebuild tone and firmness.

Why does Botox cause your muscles to relax?

As I mentioned above, Botox works by paralyzing the muscles.

  • When muscles are paralyzed, they become lazy, weak, and atrophic.

  • This atrophy makes it harder for the muscles to respond to the Botox, resulting in the need for increased doses.

  • Repeated use of Botox may also create an unnatural appearance and change the look of your skin texture and color.

BONUS: since microcurrent technology works with your body to strengthen and enhance natural processes, there is no concern of an unnatural look. In fact, your skin’s radiance, skin tone, and texture improve with organic stimulation of collagen and elastin production produced by microcurrent!

Making long-term changes to your face will require commitment, but, the commitment is definitely worth it! For optimal results I recommend the following treatment plan:

  1. Two professional microcurrent sessions per week for one month

  2. Investment in an at-home device to use three to five times a week

  3. Professional maintenance sessions every three to four months

If this sounds like a bit much, we can definitely create a plan that fits your individual lifestyle and budget!

Not quite ready to ditch the Botox?

Microcurrent and Botox are safe to use in combination as long as a couple of guidelines are followed:

  • Microcurrent is an excellent treatment to have right before your Botox or filler injection.

    • The boost of ATP in the muscles produced by microcurrent wakes the muscles up, bringing them to life, helping the Botox last longer.

  • Wait 2 - 4 weeks after Botox before having a microcurrent treatment


As your Aesthetician, I have the responsibility to rule out any contraindications of microcurrent prior to scheduling and performing a microcurrent treatment. If you are a new guest, a Comprehensive Consultation is required before scheduling your first microcurrent treatment.

Your Comprehensive Consultation will last about an hour and costs $50, of which $25 is discounted from your first treatment. During your consultation, we will discuss your lifestyle, health history, skincare routine, personal goals, and more. Next, I will perform a thorough skin analysis to assess your skin type and condition. Then, I will present you with your customized treatment plan. Finally, you get to pick and choose which elements of the plan work for you, your budget, your lifestyle, and your commitment.


I would love to help you achieve your skin goals!

Visit my website to view my entire menu of services. Then, email me at, or DM me via Instagram or Facebook. I’ll get you set up with a comprehensive consultation and skin analysis, and we'll sail off on your skin transformation journey together!

Do you have questions about anything in this post? Leave a comment right here in this post or email me at I’d love to hear from you!




Are you interested in learning more about microcurrent? Check out this article I wrote a couple of weeks ago!

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